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Krunske / Sep 29, 2016
Sanguine is a new guild created at the launch of Legion. We're a strong community stemming from Black Desert Online where we were one of the top guilds on Croxus.

In World of Warcraft we are a semi-hardcore guild that aims to clear Mythic raids in decent time frames while still maintaining a friendly and fun environment.

We're currently 1/7 Mythic.
Our raid days is Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 CEST. Monday and Tuesday is open as optional raid days if we feel we need to push progression.
PS: We use Discord for communication and forum

In Sanguine we require both skill and dedication. We are a community of both workers and students who strive for a competitive environment in the games we play. In this guild we love a challenge.

If you feel this is the guild for you, then feel free to apply by pressing the "apply" button below the Recruitment list next to this box!